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Graphics Layer Issue

Question asked by deleted-user----ypwdOWHsd on Nov 20, 2018
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I'm creating an application using the JS 3.26 API, which allows manipulation of client side graphics, mainly using the Edit Toolbar. I have been experiencing some issues with graphics flickering after they have been moved. Flickering in the sense that when you pan around the map, the visibility of graphics that have been moved turns on and off. I have a feeling that there is some underlying thing with Graphics Layers that I don't understand that is causing this issue.


I will give an example of this Graphics Layer behavior that I want to know about, but using the Edit Toolbar sample from the docs. Even though this isn't exactly the issue in my application, I believe that understanding what is going on from this example might help me understand what is going on in my application. So in the sample, I turned on only the Move tool. I then moved one of the graphics off to the side and the following happens. 




Once you pan the map, the full triangle does come back into view. However, before that you can see that the triangle gets cut off. It kinda seems like the Graphics Layer has an extent to it, and that when you use the Edit toolbar's Move, it doesn't update the extent right away. Only a map pan afterwards updates the Graphics Layer's extent.


Am I right about the Graphics Layers having internal extents? Do we have any explicit control over these extents? With my own application, I feel like the Graphics Layer's extent changes based on where I pan to in the map, and what zoom I am at, and this hides graphics that have been moved using the Move tool. That is why I want to see if there's a way to control the extent directly, even though the docs say nothing about it.