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Distant features blurry in isometric view, local scene

Question asked by jornywar on Nov 18, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by WarrenDz

I am viewing features in a Local Scene, in isometric view, and finding that features farther in the distance come out blurry. This is especially problematic when I view a population dot-density, because points in the distance show up larger (and blurry). 

I've experimented with a lot of settings, and tried adjusting my view. At first I thought it just wasn't finished loading, but it doesn't matter how long I wait. My guess at this point is the following:

Maybe my isometric view is capturing too large a geographic area (most of Los Angeles county) to work as a "local" scene, and a global scene would be able to display more distant data without coming out fuzzy or blurry. The trouble is I've already set up a detailed graphic layout in InDesign with other exports at the exact same orientation and size, so exporting a different view would be a headache on that end.

Anyone have a sense of whether that my guess is correct? Thanks for any help!

Screenshots attached.