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Card style does not work on legend widget

Question asked by opli on Nov 19, 2018
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When I use Legend widget (JS API 4.9) with card styling and chancing the amount of classbreaks then legend widget breaks. I see on the console log that error occurs:

Uncaught Error: div had a div child removed, but there is now more than one. You must add unique key properties to make them distinguishable.
at m (VM234 dojo.js:2302)
at v (VM234 dojo.js:2309)
at v (VM234 dojo.js:2308)
at v (VM234 dojo.js:2308)
at Object.update (VM234 dojo.js:2312)
(anonymous) @ index.html?sample=vi…-sm-classbreaks:126
a @ dojo.js:136

I have attached example file for demonstrating the problem. Change the "breaks" amount to see the crash.


This problem does not occur with classic style, only with card style.