Coverage Area Percentage on Network Analyst

Discussion created by elw on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2011 by doug_sterling-esristaff
Hello, basically to try and explain this as simply as possible I am trying to use distances to locations/(what you would call facilities) and forming approximate coverage area polygons off of a road network. What I am concerned with is a cities boarder polygon and the area that it covers. The map I am trying to generate would take into account every road within the city boundary and its distance from each destination or location (in my case neighborhood parks). I am wanting to not only show which areas are 1/2mi (along the road network) from each park location but I am then wanting to use the Location Allocation feature to figure out where and how many additional parks it would take to achieve 90%, 100% etc... road coverage. so that every citizen within the city is within 1/2mi to a city park. The polygon shape area is more of a graphic representation in coverage so if there are gaps within the generated at 100% coverage thats fine, what needs to be 100% are the 1/2mi road locations to each point (park). Bascially I want to have every single road in the city within 1/2mi of a park. What I am wanting to know is if this is possible through location allocation and how I would go about completing this. As a note I already have a map of 1/2 mile coverage areas of existing parks after running the service area tool. Thanks, I appreciate any comments/suggestions.