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How to show popup for all features which has the same location.

Question asked by deleted-user-OOe4JK-9Abnm on Nov 16, 2018
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I have a feature layer which represents companies. It can be many companies in one building. I made a PictureMarkerSymbol with svg graphics for rendering. On the map it appears one symbol only. It is ok. But when I click on the top or side of the symbol I get a popup with information about one company which is on the top of others. When I click at the center of the symbol I get a popup with information about all the companies.


So the users struggle with finding where they have to click to get whole information about all companies.


It looks like the top company response on the whole symbol, but underlying companies just on limited area. I need that all companies response the same way as the first company.


I tried to use SimpleMarkeSymbol. It works the same way.


Is it something with tolerance to do? Any suggestions?

I use js api 4.9.


I would appraciate any help!!!