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ArcGIS Online Assistant Copy Online to Portal

Question asked by bck2_cdcarcgis on Nov 15, 2018
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I'm attempting to use the ArcGIS Online Assistant to copy data from Online to Portal.  When Copying, there is an option to copy a reference to the data or to copy the Full dataset.  The option to copy the full dataset is identified as experimental.  I'm reporting that when I attempt to copy a Full data set with multiple layers, it results in a "Incomplete-check console" message.  When I check the copied data, the tables show up with the columns with no rows or sometimes with all the rows but with empty cells.    


I appreciate the addition of this option and look forward to this option becoming "less experimental"


If there are any other tools out there to accomplish this, I would be interested in hearing.  Otherwise, I will download and republish.  Thanks