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Issues with AutoCAD file

Question asked by BRunyon on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by BRunyon

I am trying to Georeference an AutoCAD file in ArcGIS.  I am not new to ArcGIS per se however I am new to georeferencing CAD files.  I watched some YouTube video tutorials to learn how to do this process (One done by Pete Kennedy in January of 2017 and one that was published back in May of 2011 as an ESRI presentation). I believe I have a pretty good idea on what to do however, when I look at the CAD file data in ArcCatalog (specifically the polyline layer) there does not seem to be any data associated at all.  I had the file resent to me and the creator zipped it using E-transmit right out of AutoCad.  I saved it and extracted the files, selected the Coordinate System to work with then added the layer to a map document.  When I go into the Properties on that particular layer to view the Drawing Layers so I can turn on only the layers I want, there are no layers showing at all.  The creator of the file did say that he uses AutoCAD 2018 and I didn't know if that makes a difference or not for me to work with it.  I am currently using ArcGIS 10.4.