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Publishing Hosted Tile Package?

Question asked by wogcarver on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2018 by wogcarver

I am making a campsite collection app (Using Collector and Survey123) that will be used in wilderness areas and has to be able to be used offline. I have a hosted feature layer from Survey123 that is the campsites and it is sync-enabled and I previously had three other files that were uploaded as zipped shape files. These files were the wilderness boundaries, trails, and roads around wilderness. This prevented it from being an offline map though, so I removed them and was working on making a TPK file and hosting it instead.


I followed the instructions found here Publish hosted tile layers from files—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS under Publish Large Tile Packages to create and share the package. More specifically:

  1. Generate Tile Cache Tiling Scheme (I skipped this as I wanted to use the Arcgis online scheme)
  2. Manage Tile Cache (Ran fine)
  3. Export Tile Cache (Ran fine after I remembered to select Tile Package instead of Tile Cache)
  4. Share Package (Uploaded and is now in my content as expected

The first time I ran this I selected all 20 scale sizes and ended up with a massive 2.8GB TPK file. I then had troubles with the next steps

   5. Go to Content > My Content (Yep, still able to do this)

   6. Click your tile package to display its item details page (Yep, TPK is there and item page opens)

   7. Click Publish (......publish is definitely not an option...)

Publish is not an option within my item details page and when I try to add layers to my map, the Hosted TPK does not show up. While scanning forums this last week to solve this, I think I found somewhere that said there was a 2GB limit. Because of this, I made a new TPK following the same steps but only used 16 scale sizes (didn't use the last 4 that take up the most space aka smallest scale).


This new TPK is only 56MB but still does not have a Publish option and does not appear as a layer to be added on my map. I did update the metadata for my Hosted TPK file to ensure it had all required fields and was valid. I'll attach two screenshots to help show what I'm discussing. The first (Proof1.png) is the Item Details Page of the TPK file and the second will be the map view (Proof2.png).


I would appreciate any information or assistance on what I'm doing wrong. If nothing else I know I can host the three layers instead, but the TPK file is much better as it includes labels, contour lines, and other small details.