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Copy layer that has the label class in it and paste to multiple mxd Question ?

Question asked by progis99 on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

Hi all,


This is about Label Manager, add a label class for the roads I am doing here.


Here is what I am doing is : 


I am working on three different maps for three different mxd.  The layers I set it up are the major roads, Ranger District and  Cities layers   This is to export the Layout to jpeg file to be into the published report.


First , I had to clipped the Major Roads layer to set to Colorado state major roads. I then exported the layer to the local computer. There was a  layer file from the Major roads already.  Then I had to set the data source to the clipped Colorado major roads to the Layer file in Catalog within ArcMap.


So, I then add this clipped layer file saved and add it to ArcMap. The first mxd I worked on I had to add 2 label class in the Label Manager and use the SQL query to what I need to show on the Layout.


Now my question to you if I copied the layer that had the label class in it to another mxd file and I had to re- do the SQL query for a different symbol ? Will that affect others if I copied it  from the first mxd that had the label class I set it up to other mxd ?


Because the three mxd  will have to show different road symbols on each of them. So that is why I wanted to know if that will affect it  or will it cause the label class to disappear or keep in the layer I copied  to other mxd ?


Do I make myself clear ?