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Can I get some python gurus here to help me out with this tool?

Question asked by EgbuleI on Nov 15, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2018 by EgbuleI

I built a model that extracts selected attributes from my TCAD feature layer using a polygon feature. I am looking for a way to convert this model to a functional tool through python scripting. The requirement is that when the tool is run, it will prompt the user to enter the polygon feature (any polygon feature that is within the TCAD coverage); the tool will also  prompt the user to select the needed attributes from the TCAD layer feature.


So far my model is pretty much functioning manually but I would really want it to be more automated.

I have tried to export my model to a python script and tried modifying it but so far there has been no success, thus I am here to seek for help with this.

Please see my model and script below and I would really appreciate if I can get help with this here.


Attribute data  extraction Model


Here is the script



# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Extracting
# Created on: 2018-11-01 14:54:20.00000
# Description: This script will extract selected atrributes from TCAD for any given polygon (in this case I am using a Contour Polygon)
# that is used to intersect the TCAD
# ------------------------
# Import arcpy module
import arcpy
import sys
import os
import datetime
import traceback
# Database Connection
editDB ="C:\Users\EgbuleI\AppData\Roaming\ESRI\Desktop10.5\ArcCatalog\TCAD.sde\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS"
# Local variables:
Parcels_on_710f = "C:\\Users\\egbulei\\Documents\\ArcGIS\\Default.gdb\\Parcels_on_710f"
Documents__2_ = "C:\\Users\\egbulei\\Documents"
Contour710ft_data2_dbf = "C:\\Users\\egbulei\\Documents\\Contour710ft data2.dbf"
# Process: Select Layer By Location
arcpy.SelectLayerByLocation_management(TCAD_TC_USER_TCAD_PARCELS__3_, "INTERSECT", Parcels_on_710f, "", "NEW_SELECTION", "NOT_INVERT")
# Process: Table to Table
arcpy.TableToTable_conversion(TCAD_TC_USER_TCAD_PARCELS, Documents__2_, "Contour710ft data2.dbf", "imprv_homesite_val IS NOT NULL AND imprv_homesite_val >0", "PROP_ID \"PROP_ID\" true true false 4 Long 0 10 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,PROP_ID,-1,-1;py_owner_n \"py_owner_name\" true true false 70 Text 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,py_owner_name,-1,-1;py_owner_i \"py_owner_id\" true true false 4 Long 0 10 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,py_owner_id,-1,-1;py_address \"py_address\" true true false 100 Text 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,py_address,-1,-1;geo_id \"geo_id\" true true false 15 Text 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,geo_id,-1,-1;tcad_acres \"tcad_acres\" true true false 8 Double 8 38 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,tcad_acres,-1,-1;GIS_acres \"GIS_acres\" true true false 8 Double 8 38 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,GIS_acres,-1,-1;imprv_home \"imprv_homesite_val\" true true false 4 Long 0 10 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,imprv_homesite_val,-1,-1;land_homes \"land_homesite_val\" true true false 4 Long 0 10 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,land_homesite_val,-1,-1;deed_num \"deed_num\" true true false 50 Text 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,deed_num,-1,-1;year_built \"year_built\" true true false 2 Short 0 5 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,year_built,-1,-1;Shape_STAr \"Shape_STAr\" false false true 0 Double 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,Shape.STArea(),-1,-1;Shape_STLe \"Shape_STLe\" false false true 0 Double 0 0 ,First,#,Database Connections\\TCAD.sde\\TCAD.TC_USER.TCAD_PARCELS,Shape.STLength(),-1,-1", "")