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Roadway Area no duplicates

Question asked by lewinn on Nov 12, 2018

I’m attempting to find the total roadway area for specific tracts across the US (thousands, so not a small number). I downloaded the TIGER shapefiles (Primary, Primary and Secondary, and All Roadways) and wanted to compare them. The problem that I ran into was that there are many of the same records, just with a different name (State Highway would also have a name like El Camino Real). So two lines for one street, which would increase the actual area number, but not be a true representation.


Do you know if a different shapefile exists that solves this problem of multiple records? I’m ok with not having all three roadway shapefiles – the “all roads” would be preferred. I've tried using the "delete identical" tool in ArcGIS but was not successful. In a perfect world, I'd rather just have a shapefile with no duplicates rather than deleting them myself.  


Thank you!