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Layer Heading changing back to <Value>

Question asked by n.ueberschaeresri-rw-esridist Employee on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2018 by n.ueberschaeresri-rw-esridist

Hello ArcGIS Pro users and fans, 


I am just playing around a bit with ArcGIS Pro for a presentation during GIS day.

I wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to import existing map documents but I run again and again into following problem: 

I my map document(s) I defined the heading of the layer to show "Risk (t/ha/year)" instead of <VALUE> which has never been a problem in ArcGIS Desktop (at the moment at 10.6). I can change the text from <VALUE> to "Risk (t/ha/year)" in ArcGIS Pro buuuut it always changes back to <VALUE> when I close the project (Yes, I saved the project!). Is that a wanted behavior? Is there a different way to put something like a "unit descriptor" for an item in the legend?  



I could understand if it is not wanted to put something like a manual text instead of the heading because it might not be conform with publishing the map in AGOL. But why would you be allowed then to change it in the first place?


Thanks for your feedback!