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Replica Generation Failing During Download

Question asked by MoravecLabs on Nov 12, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by minerjoe

I have an application that generates replicas, allows editing and syncs those edits back to the server.  The quantity of data is relatively large in that the initial replica generation is around 1.2 GB.  ArcGIS Server (10.6.1) takes about 15 minutes to generate the replica according to the GP logs.  After that, it takes more than an hour to download the file.  The download time is due to the slow connection (mostly caused by the remote nature of the app).


The problem occurs at about an hour after generation, it appears that ArcGIS Server is deleting the ".geodatabase" file while it is still being downloaded.  This causes a "Job error 22 User defined failure." to be present in the logs in runtime.  I know this because immediately after the error, the URL that was being access to download the replica starts returning a 404 message and if I browse to the folder on the server, the file is gone.


Does anyone know how to adjust this setting so that the replica can finish downloading?


For reference, this is a UWP app using Runtime 100.4.