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SceneView questions/curiosities

Question asked by mangoyoga on Nov 12, 2018
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I've recently started working with SceneView, with the intent of more or less replicating existing functionality for MapView to also work for SceneView. Except for the map being displayed in 2D vs 3D, I was thinking to make everything else look the same. During this work, I've run into a couple of limitation, and asking for advice:



I'm attempting to use scale line in the same way as before. Since SceneView does not have a MapScale property, the closest I can think of is to use GetCurrentViewPoint(CenterAndScale), and use this for the scale line. Are there any arguments against doing this? Users for this application will mostly be working at a local level, and full globe view is not required for them, so any incorrect calculation at world view shouldn't be too relevant.


Select zoom

I feel this functionality is missing in the runtime for scene view. I've gotten used to this way of zooming the MapView, and it feels strange to have to use the wheel many times to get the where I want to go. Considering the zoom animation for SceneView is so much slower than MapView, I find this somewhat tedious. Being able to control the ZoomDuration for both views through InteractionOptions would allow for a much more responsive application, as well as making both views behave more identical. I figure I can write this myself, but being part of the standard package would be great.



ViewInsets is currently ignored by SceneView. Will it enter the scene soon? I had written my own code for doing the same thing for MapView way before I became aware of this property, but it seems to fail quite frequently as of now. I haven't spent time trying to fix this yet.



I've tried to use the exact same code for GraphicsOverlay for MapView and SceneView, but I notice that labels are not displayed in the SceneView. Are labels not yet supported, or is there something I've missed?


Performance considerations?

I've read the Performance considerations—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET | ArcGIS for Developers, and try to follow them as well as I can. Is there any reason to suspect that SceneView should require noticeable more resources than MapView? I don't have evidence to indicate this; it's just the voice in the back of my head saying that it makes sense that 3D would require more resources