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Calculate multiple shapefiles inside of other shapefiles for area

Question asked by baileykfredlund2 on Nov 10, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2018 by MervynLotter


   I am wondering if there is anyway to combine shapefiles (or calculate or join) to a layer of different shapefiles to calculate total area inside of them.

   For example, I have a buildings footprint layer which has company name and other building information in each shapefile (black outlined polygons in image). I have calculated suitable locations for solar panels on the rooftop(pink color in image) which has the calculated area and would like to calculate the total solar panel potential for each building footprint shapefile. 

   I was thinking something along the lines of somehow grouping the solar shapefiles that are inside each building shapefile and combining them and calculating total area. Then possibly calculating a new row in the attribute table of the building shapefiles so I can display that in color coordination. 


Any help would be great, thanks in advance!!!