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Restrict sharing within a group.

Question asked by dalejs on Nov 9, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2018 by dalejs

Hello and thanks for looking at my issue.


We are just getting into the nuts and bolts of ArcGIS Online, I am a Publisher and we have 2 Viewers that are my beta testers at the moment before we bring in other personnel in our department, so there are 3 of us in our group.


What I want to know can I restrict what the viewers see to only the applications?  Currently the viewer can see everything created, applications, map viewer, layers.


I know you can select to only see maps, I know you can set up Favorites and only have the applications you want to see selected.  As we expand our Viewers\Users all I want them to be able to see is applications, not be on map viewer thinking it is the application, or looking at layers under development and wondering where all the layers are thinking it is the application the are looking for.


Can this be done, or do just stress the importance of not venturing out beyond the Favorites.


Thank you for your time, Dale