IdentityManager Sign In Dialog broken on Safari

Discussion created by jebu23 on Nov 12, 2018

Our users are complaining that on their iOS devices (iPhones primarily), the sign in dialog layout is broken after a user uses the pinch to zoom gesture to zoom in.  I've tested different themes using both the developer edition and ArcGIS Online.  To reproduce, open the following in Safari on iOS: 


Once the sign-in dialog is displayed, pinch to zoom in.  When you zoom in far enough, eventually the Ok and Cancel buttons are lost.  Zooming back out does not update the layout.


Additionally, on a mobile device (I've tested both Safari and Chrome for iOS), if a user clicks into the password text box before entering a username, they will get a warning that a value is required but clicking into the field does not reveal the cursor or open the screen keyboard.


Has anyone else seen these behaviors and been able to resolve?  Also, where do we report bugs like this to Esri?