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Can't install XRay ArcCatalog AddIn

Question asked by CityofMoncton on Nov 9, 2018

I'm trying to install the X-Ray addin for ArcCatalog 10.5 and can't get it to work.


What I've done so far:

1.downloaded add-in from 

2. double-clicked on the file XRayArcCatalog.esriAddIn to run. Got a popup saying install was successful.

3. I check in Catalog > Customize > Add-In Manager. No Add-ins discovered.

4. So I go to Customize > Customize Mode > Add from File. Select the XRayArcCatalog.esriAddIn file.

5. I get a popup saying "No GUI components found in this Add-In. Add-In version does not match."


The documentation says this version of X-Ray is for ArcGIS 10.2-10.6.


I don't know how to get the X-Ray window to show up in ArcCatalog. Am I missing something??