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How to merge Metadata?

Question asked by abhi.sindal on Nov 10, 2018

Assume there are two (2) stakeholders who contribute for providing Geospatial data of a particular layer.

The North-half and the South-half of the layer are regularly updated and provided by Stakeholder A & Stakeholder B respectively.  Both Stakeholders updates metadata too and supply each time.


At National level, we need to merge layers supplied by Stakeholder A & B for making it available to the public / other stakeholders thru Geoportal.


Now the question is, how to deal with Metadata?


  • Do we need to merge metadata?
  • If we need not to disturb the metadata then how to display it in public domain while complying OGC / ISO Standards.


  • We should not collect metadata from the stakeholders and we should enable them to publish their own geospatial data services and upload metadata on the Metadata Portal