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Are space/room features from Revit models available in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by housewren on Nov 11, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2019 by aviris

So, I was all excited about the fact that ArcGIS Pro can read Revit models and upgraded  ArcGIS Pro and my Server to test it out!


One of my jobs is space inventory, so in the past I have had to get my rooms/spaces for GIS from CAD drawings created by Revit... and keeping them updated has been a nightmare.  We figured that with the ability to read .rvt directly,

the room/space data could be stored in Revit (our Revit guru thought this would be best) and we could simply reference it from GIS.  Just so you know, we are currently doing 2D, not 3D GIS.


Of course, nothing is a simple as it seems it should be, and I am no longer sure this is even going to be possible.  I've run into two problems right of the bat.


1.  When I bring a .rvt model into Pro, there does not appear to be any layer/feature class that corresponds to or contains rooms/spaces, even though the Revit model has an area plan created.  Are rooms/spaces not supported in ArcPro?


2.  Within a discipline, such as Architectural, the feature classes are drawn in alphabetical order and I cannot seem to be able to change this order.  Thus,  doors are drawn on top of floors which are drawn on top of walls, so I can see the doors, but I can't see the walls without turning floors off.  I am guessing it is my lack of knowledge about Pro (I'm still quite new to it), but how do you change the layer order.  If I bring other layers in I can move them up and down in the Drawing Order pain by drag-and-drop, but these don't seem to budge.