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Prevent MapView rotation during SketchEdit?

Question asked by cloftis_RTI_GST on Nov 8, 2018

Using ArcGIS 100.4.0 Android SDK.



I'm developing an app that does not allow map rotation. (BTW, my map is offline - loaded from a locally stored mmpk.) I'm able to achieve this by setting my MapView's onTouchListener to be an extension of the DefaultMapViewOnTouchListener where I've overridden onRotate() to always return true. This works except when interacting with the SketchEditor.



I'm using the SketchEditor to capture user input on my MapView. During sketch sessions (i.e., after my instance of 

SketchEditor's start(...) method has been called) my map suddenly allows two finger rotations of the map. 



How can stop the SketchEditor from allowing my MapView to be rotated?