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Label Most Recent Value in Time/Range Animation

Question asked by mkoneya on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by mkoneya

I am trying to create an animation of our City's annexations.     I would like to have the animation accumulate the annexations as it progresses though the timeline.    This I can do easily with the time slider by starting with the first year.  locked and stepping through each year.   


What I am struggling with is how to label only the newest annexation.     


I have tried to set up a separate layer in my map with range enabled on a integer field called sequence. 

While the annexation polygons honor the range I have set the labeling doesn't as I step through the range. 


I thought of advancing the time slider one year and the range slider one value to show the newest annexation, but it does not seem to honor the range when labeling.     It is confusing as to what is being labeled.   

I have also used Arcade with a a Max function on an integer column and again,  it gives inconsistent results.    Labeling shows up features that are not visible in bot the Range approach and the Arcade approach.   


Any suggestions on how to show the annexations newest value and label it?   


Do I need to create a function to get the max value of the features and then label that?