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How to Index Bearing Field to Point Layer

Question asked by edips on Nov 7, 2018

Hello. I try to generate lines from point pairs with constant length value(0.05 m). There are points connected with the line geometry class. Point layer has  "Length" field (0.005) , PointX and "PointY" fields and an empity "Bearing" field. The line layer has "Bearing" field which created with Add Geometry Attributes tool. I would like to create points with length value (5cm), XY coordinate of points and bearing of lines by referancing line and point layers. The problem is I am unable to index bearing values to points which are between two lines like picture:

If the point connected with one line, it should directly take bearing value of line, if the point connected more than one line, it should take lesser bearing value to its Bearing field. Is it possible to index bearing values to Point layer using Python ? 

Thank you

Edip Ahmet TAŞKIN