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Use "webmap" as a basemap in ArcGIS PRO? 

Question asked by buckyswider on Nov 8, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2018 by KKramer-esristaff

Hi all, i'm a GIS newbie, so some of my terminology probably will be incorrect, but hopefully I can get across what I'm asking...


I'm doing a "Fire Service Maps" project with the express intent of printing a Run Book.  I've gone through some trial runs and the results with the basemaps I have available are less than impressive for the purpose.


I'm searching for a plain black-and-white basemap.  Everything is either greyscale or full color.  When printed on a black-and-white printer, the background shading makes the important elements hard to see (not to mention quite a waste of toner- we'll probably end up printing 25 or so books at 125 pages each!).  


So on my quest I have found an ESRI basemap that seems like it would be PERFECT for my task.  However, here is its intended use paragraph:


This map is designed to be used as the base map in a web map.  You can add this layer to a web map and save as your own map.  If you would like to use this map as a reference overlay layer, refer to the transparent tile layer, Black and White Map (transparent).


The link for the page for this basemap:  Black and White Map


I did connect to th arcgis portal for basemaps, but I can't find that one listed anywhere.  


So the bottom-line question is, is there a way to use that "Black and White Map" as a basemap in my ArcGIS project?