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Closest Facility Error

Question asked by vikasm on Nov 6, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2018 by RApplebaum-esristaff

I am getting a solution error while running the closest facility analysis in ArcGIS Pro


1. I created a network dataset using a road network (in arccatalog), two different points feature layers. I did that in a geodatabase after having all feature classes in a multi-feature dataset. All the feature layers in the gdb have the same geographic coordinate system.

2. Then in ArcGIS Pro, I start a closest facility layer and add the same two point  feature layers to incidents and facilities. There are 522 incidents and 28 facilities. I "snap" them so they are connected with the network.

3. Then I run the analysis and I get no solution - i.e. the analysis is not able to find any facility for any incident. (attaching a picture).


Can anyone tell me what could the problem be?