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ArcPro 2.2 FMV > Video Multiplexer > Unable to parse header

Question asked by David.Herries@interpine.nz_interpine on Nov 6, 2018
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We have been using FMV for some time in Arc Desktop, and just testing the ArcPro Multiplexer which looks to have some advances in used of the DEM for processing.   


Although the same model runs fine in Arc Desktop, we get the following error displayed in ArcPro 2.2.   


Checking all the files we don't seem to see any errors?   I have attached.


Start Time: 
 ERROR 002652: Unable to parse the header of the metadata file. Ensure each column in the metadata file corresponds to a legal MISB 0601 header, or that there is a corresponding entry in the metadata field mapping file.
 Failed to execute (VideoMultiplexer).
Failed at 


Thanks in advance.