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arcpy table to table - set parameter for a specific field

Question asked by markjones_tps on Nov 6, 2018

Good Morning,


I am successfully able to use the table to table process to create a table in my gdb from an external csv file. In order for this successful outcome I need to change the parameters on one field only (the default parameters for the other fields is fine). Now, when I copy the python command for successful outcome I notice that the python code lists every single output field along with their respective parameters; which is fine, but I was wondering if it is possible for arcpy to still output all the fields, but only have to actually list the one that I have changed the parameters from the default values for.


That sounds confusing......hmmm, ok. Let's try this:


Generally you can use arcpy with three paramters (input table, output gdb, and table name). From there arcpy just assumes you want all the fields in the input table to be in the output table. Is there a way for me to add an expression that will just indicate that the field that is named "change_me" be set the specific parameters (and not have to list every single output field along with their parameters? The fields from the input table are subject to change quite often and I would hate to have to continually remove hard-coded field names and parameters every time I need to use the table to table process.


Any insight/help is greatly appreciated.