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Portal for ArcGIS not recognising a change in field data type

Question asked by naomiang on Nov 6, 2018



I am a  longtime user of ArcGIS but have just started using ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS for the first time recently to update a pre-existing Webmap.


My issue is that when I brought in a new table from Oracle to the ArcGIS Desktop MXD, I set one of the fields with the wrong Data Type.  Instead of 'Double' I set the field to 'Long Integer'.  I then overwrite an existing service with this new layer and configured the pop-up in Mapviewer in Portal for ArcGIS.  However because I set the wrong data type, when the layer is viewed in the WebMap, it actually shows a value of 0 instead of the number.


I then went back to my MXD and added the layer afresh from Oracle and this time set it to the correct data type of 'Double'.  I overwrote the Service again however the pop-up in the Mapviewer in the Portal does not seem to be recognizing the fact that I have updated the data type.


Is there something I need to do to trigger recognition of this change?  I thought perhaps it could be related to the Layer ID as I used the same Layer ID both times, but even when I changed the Layer ID, it didn't make any difference.


Sorry if this is a really simple question....I'm a newbie to Portal and Server.


I am using Versions 10.5.1 in all software.


Thank you.