Generate Spill plume factoring in volume.

Discussion created by efinnen on Feb 16, 2011
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Ack, spatial Analyst brain not functioning as well as I would like right now. Alright I know I did this �??back in the day�?�, but unfortunately that was 8+ years ago and was using a custom written ArcObjects application (which I didn�??t write)

I have a point dataset with a calculated liquid discharge volume on it for each point. I want to create a raster/polygon that corresponds to the �??spread�?� that gets created from each discharge point.

As an example a hypothetical point has a discharge of 1000 Cubic Meters and my DEM is a 30M cell size. For testing purposes let�??s just say each cell �??absorb�?� 5 Cubic Meters so ideally I want a product that can represent something that�??s roughly 200 cells.

The best posting I found that addressed this so far was one from 3 years ago but it isn�??t exactly what I want.

I can generate a linear �??raindrop�?� trace from each point to the boundaries  of the DEM, and I can do the down gradient analysis fairly easily from the forums posting above. But ideally I want to replicate something that would show some overland pooling and stop when the product is done.

Any thoughts /suggestions would be appreciated. I'm assuming this can be done with standard tools but I very well might be wrong...


Caveats : At the end of the project I ideally want to pass this toolbox around to some others who will not have Admin rights on their computers. Therefore the solution needs to be some sort of combination of �??out of the box�?� Python/Model Builder (or even VBA)with Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst  (No Geo Hec-RAS, Arc Hydro etc..)