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How to 'cut out' buildings from a COLLADA object using a shapefile of 2D building footprints?

Question asked by Lupian on Nov 5, 2018

My task is to create a set of 3D building models to be used in a 3D map viewer.

The models are to be extracted from a textured surface model (COLLADA file format) of an area created in Agisoft's Photoscan using aerial photography and ground control points (for scaling and geolocation). The model includes the ground, trees and outside surface of buildings as a single mesh model. For some of the buildings in the model I have a 2D shapefile showing their footprints and a building ID number. (I also have a 3D patchfile of the buildings with their approximate shape.)

What I had hoped to do is use the 2D shapefile of the building footprints as a 'cookie cutter' to cut out the respective buildings from the COLLADA model and assign a building ID to each cut out model. I could then load the buildings into a map as individual entities or as a multipart 3D object.

I have had no luck finding another question that addresses this issue.

There are too many buildings to manually build and texture a model of each one individually, especially as the models from the aerial imagery are good enough for initial requirements, if only I can separate them out. As the surface of a building within the model for a building will not exactly match the 2D shapefile of its footprint then I assume I will need to add a small buffer to the footprints. I will start with a 1m buffer and iterate.

 I am working in ARC GIS Pro with the 3D analyst and Data Interoperability extensions. I have tried using the FME work bench and can load the mode and 2D shapefile in but do know how to 'cut' the model with the shapefile.


Attachments to illustrate will follow.