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Can I use a Search Query to snap to the network based on Order Attributes?

Question asked by 968107 on Nov 2, 2018

My company is trying to utilize the VRP solution for different routing/reporting applications across our enterprise. One of the biggest hurdles we have yet to overcome is when we load our Orders, they are not always snapping to the correct location on the network. I attached an example of a problematic location.


Our process is as such:

  • We receive raw address information from our customers
  • We pass that address information through our own geocoding process (using an outside vendor) to determine what the lat/long of that address is
  • Using that lat/long, we pass that information into Network Analyst to create our Orders for our VRP solves


I am trying to think of an enterprise wide solution that can be implemented, as simply restricting roadways (restricting highways) is not a comprehensive enough solution.


A solution that I know would work in theory is to reference the street name located in each address of each order and then reference that in the search query when calculating locations for the orders. Again, I say in theory because I don't even know if that is possible within Network Analyst. 


Is there another solution I can't think of that may help? I have searched and searched and I haven't found any solution to this problem in these forums.


Thanks for any help in advance.