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Question asked by alan.coats on Nov 2, 2018

I am trying to work with this map image layer: USA Soils Map Units


This layer is categorized as "Subscriber Content", as well as being part of the "Living Atlas". I have added this layer to a web map, which is only shared to a group with myself and one other user. We both need to see this layer in the field, but we don't need to take it offline. 


At the moment, I can view the layer when I use Collector, but the other user cannot. It simply does not show up under his list of available layers when he opens up the web map. We are both members in the same organization, but neither of us are Administrators in the organization. 


Am I sharing the content incorrectly? Do we need to contact an administrator? Do I need to change something about my web map? Should I post this in the AGOL community instead?


Thanks very much for your help.