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Unique Layer symbology being added to <all other values> on publish

Question asked by Aled.w.jones on Nov 2, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by Aled.w.jones

Bit of a weird one.


In ArcMap 10.6:

SDE Polygon Feature showing national region data - Symbology is based on Name field, giving 6 different unique values. No coded domains are present.

Works great on ArcMap.


Arcgis server 10.6:

Published the MXD as a service, viewing the service in the arcgis online viewer. Only 2 of the regions are being

symboloised. All other regions are grouped under "other" (see attached picture). If i press ungroup, the NAME field is recognised and applies the 6 values to their seperate unique values, giving duplicate unique value catagories and duplicating in the legend. 


What i've tested:

Recreated the feature and imported symbology - same issue.

Changing the value field - same issue.

Not symbolising the regions - all regions are visible.

Different data - using smaller polygons, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue with smaller polygons.


Any known bugs about symbology on publishing or limited by polygon size?