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Node valence | connectivity  - update from old ArcView extension please!

Question asked by bbago15 on Nov 1, 2018

Hi there,


I used to use a brilliant tool that gave me an exported point (shapefile) with the count of intersections for nodes in a line data set (in my case a street network).  The ArcView 3.2 extension was called Point and Polyline Tools v 1.2, and the tool was called the Polyline Nodes Extractor.  It was great.  I can see there a various ways to get similar outputs (i.e. desired output is a point feature class that gives a count of intersecting streets - i.e. 3 for a 3 way intersection, 1 for a cul-de-sac or dead end etc), however none that are that clean and in that format.  I thought by now this would be an 'out of the box' type feature in ArcGIS (#hope).


I thought I had come across a great tool in the Node Renderer in the Production Mapping set of tools, however there is no export option for these (and I presume no 'count') although at this stage I would live with being able to distinguish between dangles, pseudos and nodes.

Rendering nodes on lines—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 


I have done a bit of Python (and VBA in the past) hack coding when I need to - and would consider this if someone could point me in the direction of which areas/objects/etc I would need to access to create a simple script to get access to What the Node Renderer seems to use.


PS: I also found this reference to valency checks in the Data Reviewer license which I can access but can't use as running 64bit install - groan

Checking valency—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 


Any assistance appreciated!