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Alignment Labels in ArcGis Pro 2.1

Question asked by wsrl.D.Daverveld on Nov 1, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2018 by wsrl.D.Daverveld



I'm making a map in ArcGis Pro 2.1 .


In this map I want to display Lables with 2 lines (The ID above, a description/name underneath). The 2 lines-label is not a problem, within VB or Arcade I found the option for creating a multi-line label.


But the problem is  I want them to be centre-aligned, but when I want to check the option for Centre Alignment in the Lable Class settings I see the 3 options for Horizontal Alignment being grayed out. So i can't change the horizontal alignment of my labels.


What am I doing wrong, do I need to change a setting or is this a known bug in 2.1?