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Turning off Scaling on marker symbols while data frame reference scale is set

Question asked by mwinslett on Oct 30, 2018

Hi Everybody--


We have a addin button that, among other things, takes the feature vertices of a user-specified layer and displays them as marker elements on the map.  The markers are then stored in a IGraphicsContainer until the next refresh of the map.  This all works fine, without issue.


However, recently some of our users have begun using a reference scale, set in the Data Frame properties, for a project.  Having a reference scale set causes the marker elements to also be scaled as the user zooms in and out in the map, which is not desirable.


I know that it is possible to prevent a feature layer's symbology from being scaled when a reference scale is set, by toggling IFeatureLayer2.ScaleSymbols.  Is it possible to do the same for the marker elements?


Thank you in advance for any pointers/guidance you may have!