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Survey123 Question Labels Not Appearing

Question asked by mzhang_audubon on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2018 by mzhang_audubon

I'm having an issue with the question prompt not appearing for some, but not all the questions in a survey web form. The hint appears, but not the question label doesn't. What the questions have in common is they are all text questions that only appear if "Other" (and in some cases "Unknown") is selected as an answer to a relevant question.


Example of a question that appears as it should:


Examples of questions that aren't displaying question prompts:



I made the survey through Survey123 Connect, and the question labels do all appear there. It was all working fine last week, and this only happened today after I modified the xlsform with some changes to choice labels, adding in two additional questions, and changing some Note-type questions in the survey so they wouldn't have fields associated with them in the data table. I didn't make any changes to the questions where this issue is happening.


What's also weird is I first updated an existing survey and it appeared fine. I decided to make a copy of the form in Survey123 Connect and publish a new one so I could have a new data layer, and the issue first appeared in the new web form. I was going to give up and go back to the old one, but the issue now appears in the old form too, even though I didn't update it again.


I've attached snippets of the xlsform I used, with the code and choices for the good and bad examples I have above. Instead of using the "or_other" feature, I added "Other" as a choice in choice lists where necessary, and then added text questions that only appear when "Other" is the answer to a relevant question, because I wanted to be able to customize question labels (instead of just "Specify Other") and require them to be answered.