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Adding Initiative to a Hub Site

Question asked by mhebert on Oct 31, 2018
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Adding Initiatives to a Hub Site

I cannot find documentation as to how to add 1 or more initiative to our existing hub site.

I've created an initiative, called Smart City Competition.

On our Hub page, using the Layout Builder, I don't find a widget for Initiatives. There is a Follow Initiative widget, but it doesn't have a method for associating an Initiative.

Also, I cannot add Events to my Initiative - I get a notification 

This is very perplexing.

In the online documentation, Events—ArcGIS Hub | ArcGIS, the instructions for creating an Event states: "To get started, you must have an initiative and a configured initiative site."

Since I already have both element, it's not clear how to proceed. Please point be in the right direction. Thanks.