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how to make a table in arcgis pro with fields for making photos with the collector app

Question asked by wvddrift_irado on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by wvddrift_irado

hi there, 

in Arcgis pro , i have an existing webmap/table  with assets .

after that i made a new inspection table.

i managed to create a relationship class between these two tables 

i published it to AGOL and in the collector app, I was able to make an inspection, based on an  existing asset.

so far so good.


In this inspection table however, i want to make it possible to make/store photo's .

these photos should be taken in the collector app.

therefor I created two fields in the inspection table  (of the BLOB type).

but in the collector app, the possibility to make photos was not there.

something went wrong , any suggestions ?