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Point to Raster rounds large numbers wrongly

Question asked by notoriusjackdevtrial on Oct 30, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I noticed that the Point to Raster tool is not respecting the original point values when these are in over the hundred thousands.


If it is in the 10k it rounds the numbers are close but not exactly the same. In this example the original point value has 2 decimal points while the raster value has 6 and it is not exactly the same number:

Point value 24946.34
Pixel value 24946.339844


If instead the the point values get larger, the larger will be the discrepancy in the pixel values. Also the pixel value will be rounded to the unit and no the original decimal point of the Point Value. Examples:

Point value 7148409430.99
Pixel value 7148409344.000000


Point value 6155669928.95
Pixel value 6155670016.000000


Point value 46218249.2442
Pixel value 46218248.000000


The Point data is on a perfect 0.1 decimal degree grid and the raster has the same resolution so that only one point falls within each raster cell. Selecting the cell alignment type to Sum, Mean or any other did not cause any change in the raster values output of the tool.


Can anyone replicate this behavior?