Addressing - Plus Code or What3Words (W3W)

Discussion created by thiru123 on Oct 28, 2018
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Came across these plus codes on Google Maps lately. 


I think  this would be handy to locate Assets on the ground where there are no street addresses. is the our Office’s entry off the George Street!


This system, which is similar to What3Words, developed by Google addresses some of the shortcomings. 

This is available as a Open Source so anyone can build on it. The adoption rate seems to be picking up compared to W3W as it is easily located on Google Maps (Driving Directions etc).


I would like this system to include the third dimension (3D addressing) too (above or below ground and how far from ground level etc).


Perhaps, throw in time too (4D addressing) for scenarios such as deliver my parcel to my office between certain hours or deliver it to my home on weekends/public holidays etc. Handy for drone deliveries :-) 


What do you think of this Plus Code as an alternate addressing system?


Welcome your thoughts..


Thanks, Thiru