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Critical dependency issue - Unexpected ESRI DLL files copied next to a target dll

Question asked by mik1971 on Oct 28, 2018
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We have a DLLs library that references ESRI DLLs and we upgrade it from version to version constantly (10.0 -> 10.X.X -> 10.6.1). This time we have a strange behaviour: at Rebuild it copies unexpected ESRI DLL files next to a target dll.

We assume that a setting “Copy Local” in Properties of a referenced DLL is a key to understand the issue.


Why are these additional ESRI DLLs included as a reference?


What is important: We have two our dlls (solutions): first and second.

 The first  has only ESRI references.

The second has a reference to the first and ESRI references.

 The issue does not appear in the first. It appears in the second.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.