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GeoEvent Different Type Than Schema of Destination Stream Service

Question asked by elester_jctngis on Oct 29, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by elester_jctngis

I am trying to pass data from the Poll an External Website for XML input to a stream service but receive the following error: "The GeoEvent received from the GeoEvent Service (GPSDef) is a different type than the schema of the destination Stream Service (stream-out)"


The stream service schema was published from the definition created automatically by the input (and it is not set to learning mode). So why does it think they're different? I tried this with and without field mapping, but get the error either way. I also tried passing the same data to a feature service and it worked, so I know the input is coming in alright. 


We are using GeoEvent 10.6.1