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Can I have questions in my survey that aren't stored in the feature layer?

Question asked by Ben.Sperry_oxitec on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2018 by Ben.Sperry_oxitec

I would like to have questions in my survey that affect the relevant column but are not needed in my actual data set.

For example:

I am collecting trap information, I need to record certain information when the trap is set and different information when it is collected.

If I have a question at the beginning of my survey asking the field tech if they are setting traps or collecting them then using the relevant column I can show only those fields that are important to either task; but I don't need to store whether they are setting or collecting a trap in the feature layer (in fact it avoids problems if it isn't stored).


I am using a hosted feature layer in AGOL.

I am using Survey123 Connect Version 3.0.142



  • There is a lot of information for each trap that doesn't change between setting and collecting so having two different features would be less effective.
  • The trap sites are relatively close together and they alternate between setting and collecting traps so switching between two different forms would be less effective.