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Unable to add attachments in Collector from iPhone and Android devices with ArcGIS Enterprise.

Question asked by ryan.waller.apan on Oct 25, 2018

My organization had a ticket with ESRI previously opened 02133432. We were told it has something to do with "Chunked Transfer Encoding" from one Rep who had done some troubleshooting with a colleague of mine and the Reps that were at the UC in San Diego said that they were aware of the issue but that it was up in the air as to who was responsible, Google or Samsung.We have since that time transitioned to an AWS environment and have now lost the ability with both Android and iOS devices of any sort.


Getting the basics out of the way first, the two feature layers in question have attachments enabled. The feature item will still submit to the system, only without the attachment. This is showing a similar result as the question that was asked here: Failed to Submit 2 Attachments [ANDROID][Zeno20].


Can anyone help?