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Bug? Pro 2.2.3 Point Selection/Move

Question asked by sweaters1 on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by sweaters1

Since upgrading to Ver. 2.2.3, there's been a problem with separating overlapping points.


When points are stacked, they sometimes can't be separated. The difficulty is selecting/deselecting points so that one can be move away from the other.


While the selection can be whittled-down to one point, either the move command won't function or both points (selected & unselected) are moved as a unit.


This occurs in different layers. In the attached image, The green circle has two points from the same layer stacked. The red triangle has two stacked points from a different layer.  One of the two green circle points and one of the red triangle points need to be moved to the adjacent lot.


Working with either layer individually, selecting a point by default selects both stacked points. One of the two is then unselected, leaving one selected point.  However, the move command continues to move both stacked points, even though only one is selected.