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How to add globalID to a new feature

Question asked by larson_devnetinc Champion on Oct 25, 2018
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I am trying to add a feature to a featureTable in qml. I create a new feature with createFeature() and then fill the attributes with the values I need using replaceAttribute(). However, I have some columns that hold global id's (for archiving and relationship classes), and they cannot be changed from null. When I add a feature to the table, it automatically assigns it a global id, but the global id's that are used for relationships with other tables are left null. I would like to fill these with the global id's from the related tables, but I am unable to do this. Also, I dont appear to be able to insert attributes into the feature either. 


I am getting a Sqlite constraint error when trying to add multiple features to the table, which is from a .geodatabse file. I suspect it is due to the null global id's. So, if anyone knows how I can edit these attributes, that would be great.