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Excel sheet search and Feature Class Update

Question asked by Adam.Thompson_ on Oct 24, 2018
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Hey Everyone,


Background on the problem I am trying to solve, currently I have a point feature class of plants ( coal, water plants etc..) Point feature class. And an excel sheet with the ID and Age of that plant, BUT within that Excel sheet there is different ages for a single coal plant, for example;

(This a test list, the real list has around 1600 on it)

What I need to do is take the lowest value of age for each ID ex. A = 10, B = 10, C =5 and append that to the Age field within the feature class table.


Currently this is what I have done and my process so far;


Now this code so far gives me the return of this, Not sure why I get so many returns?  but the highlighted portion is what I want; 

The minval portion of the script is not working currently but what I would like to do now is take the lowest value from each of these lists and append to the feature class AGE Field based on their respective ID. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you!