Need to place ???Edit??? box around label.

Discussion created by enipla on Feb 16, 2011
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I�??m using this code as a starting point to edit user placed labels.


The labels are actually points that have a textSymbol as their symbol.  If you look at/run the sample above, the graphics (line, polygon, ect) display an �??edit�?? box around them when they are selected.  You can then pull/push on the box to resize it, move it or rotate it.

My label shows no such box.  I can select the text (if I actually click on a letter in the label, doesn�??t work if I click on ANY blank space within the label) and move it, but I don�??t get the edit box around it.

Is this because it�??s a point feature?  Seems strange, because to select it, I don�??t have to actually pick the location of the point, just the text.

I really need that edit box to highlight it and allow the users to rotate and resize (as I said, I can move it, so it is getting sellected)