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Issue to make editable a story map for a colleague outside my org

Question asked by fnicolas on Oct 24, 2018
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I am fairly new to ArcGIS online and story maps and I am trying to set up a group to share a story map work with a colleague from another organisation (she already has an account / license on ArGIS online). 


I could create the group with the story map and invite the colleague. But it seems that she can´t edit the story map - only viewing is possible. 


I can see here Levels, roles, and privileges—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS that users have different roles. I am a publisher and not an administrator: so I can´t "Create custom roles" as stated in the table defining the roles. 


And it seems that I missed something something when I created the group and I can´t go back anymore. I missed it because of this role - I am only a publisher and can´t create custome roles when setting a new group. For example the interface visible here Enable colleagues to update your maps and apps  is different than what I had - I don´t have the field "What items in the group can its members update?".


Is "create custome roles" the reason why I could not set up the group to make possible editing for the colleague from another organisation? 


Thank you!